Det indre kulturelle spændingsfelt i den nordiske organisation

Photographer: Jonas Finnich Pedersen

A strength or a potential conflict?

  • The inter-Nordic cooperation in organizations.
  • Optimization of the Nordic organization.
  • When Vikings fight.

It is tempting for many companies to run their business within the Nordic and Scandinavian areas as though there is no difference between the Nordic countries. Nevertheless, managers and employees can experience many unpleasant surprises – co-operation between the Nordic countries is not frictionless. There exist many important cultural differences which easily can result in different corporate cultures. The proud Norwegians, the self-confident Swedes, the fast thinking Danes and the quiet but creative Finns. Each of the Nordic countries has a different way of running their business. This presentation offers in-depth insight from twenty years of experience. Learn how to oppose cultural differences and and to handle inappropriate experiences. Similarities and differences between the Nordic countries and cultures will be presented. Emphasis will be on how to avoid that the Nordic organization structure turns into discouraged employees and a worn-out management.